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FotoDC Spring Competitions

Faces of DC

Washington, DC is the home of one of the most beautiful, diverse urban populations in the world, a true melting pot of characters and cultures. Just look around you. FotoDC invites you to capture the city in the spirit of the city in faces of people who make it what it is. Each face has a story to tell and each of these stories deserves a GREAT photo.

Places of DC

DC is simultaneously one of the most iconic and most under-represented urban landscapes in the country. We invite you to yes, turn your lens to the monuments and things that make Washington recognizable to the world but also to go exploring: the secret trails, the alleys, the street art, the diversity of our neighborhoods - they are all a perfect opportunity for creating a visual snapshot of our city in 2015. Rewards

1st Prize – $400

2nd Prize – $250

3rd Prize – $150