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Focus on the Story

The Focus on the Story International Photo Festival, Washingto DC, is looking for images that tell compelling stories in two categories:

We want to see single images that explore the human condition, which allows for a broad interpretation of the emotions, struggles, conflicts and needs that shape human existence.

We also want to see a series of up to 8 related images that tell the story of an individual or group struggle against challenges, whether they are natural, political or economic; shine a light on marginalized or disenfranchised segments of society; or bring attention to people, places, events or things that are making a positive difference in their communities, region or the world, in general.

Focus on the Story will award $1,500 to the overall best series winner and a $1,000 award to the overall best single image winner as picked by an independent jury in a blind selection process. Winners and finalists will also have their work exhibited at the Focus on the Story International Photo Festival and published in our upcoming annual “best of” edition.