Photoworks Master Photographers Meet-ups

We'd like to invite you to join the Photoworks photography community in our next innovative project. We share your goal to develop and nurture the art of photography in the DC Metro area. To that end, we have gathered together a group of Master Photographers to meet on a monthly basis with fellow artists and photographers, and engage in a photo portfolio critique -- offering individualized insight into the art and craft and goals of photography. We are hoping you can join us.

WANT TO JOIN US? HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The series of 6 monthly meet-ups runs from 6:30-8:30PM -- Sunday, September 17, 2017 through Sunday, February 18, 2018 -- and each session features a different Master Photographer from the Washington Metro Area. The first session (meeting this coming Sunday, 9/17 at 6:30PM) features Min Enghauser, an award-winning photographer based in Alexandria. Min has a piercing eye for color and detail, offering intimate and powerful portraits of both the natural and man-made. The fee for the entire series of 6 gatherings is $100, and includes a personal 25-30 minute portfolio review with the Master Photographer of your choice. In each of the monthly Sunday sessions, the 2-4 students that have signed up for a portfolio review will bring in their cohesive set of images (15-20 prints, darkroom or digital). Each student receives a public portfolio review with the Master Photographer, offering individual insight, guidance and conversation. We'll talk about what makes a good picture, and discuss the direction the student wants to explore. This should help students be better editors of their own images. Students who are not having their work critiqued that month are observers of the process; a uniquely valuable and informative experience. You can sign up for the workshop series, and choose the photographer you'd like to review your work at the following link on Glen Echo Park's website:[catid=4403].


Click here: Our event is listed as "WORKSHOP: Photo Portfolio Review (6 Sessions)" Look at the list of Master Photographers. Choose one photographer for your portfolio review and sign up with that photographer.

QUESTIONS: Contact Karen Keating, Director of Photoworks at

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS IN OUR SERIES? Our guest photographers are rock stars in the world of photography! The list includes talented portrait and landscape photographers, digital and film photographers, artists comfortable working in color and black/white, as well as The Washington Post's own Robert Miller -- our former juror from the "United/Divided" Photography Exhibition. Take a look below...

Min Enghauser Sunday, Sept 17, 6:30-8:30PM A master of color and point of view. Photographs intimate portraits of both the natural and man-made. website: email:

Karen Keating Sunday, October 15, 6:30-8:30PM Director of Photoworks, Karen Keating works in both color and black/white. Experienced, knowledgeable and insightful, Keating's work has extraordinary richness and depth -- offering the viewer real connections and insight. website: email:

David Myers Sunday, November 19, 6:30-8:30PM Deeply layered, rich tones/textures, and technically spot-on, Myer's images reflect a wealth of knowledge and shooting experience around the world. website: email:

James Steele Sunday, December 17, 6:30-8:30PM Stunning fine art images. Strong in contrast, color, tone, texture, and composition, Steele's photography is instantly recognizable. website: email:

Sue Bloom Sunday, January 21, 6:30-8:30PM An artist by training, Bloom is an experienced and accomplished photographer who rethinks and reworks the possibilities of digital photography. Her work is striking, creative, symbolic and complex. website: email:

Robert Miller Sunday, February 18, 6:30-8:30PM Deputy Director of Photography, The Washington Post Miller's journalistic focus is on the news and news images. He currently covers the administration, and previously covered the 2016 presidential campaign. His black and white images are powerful and direct, honest and at times playful. They consistently feature a strong narrative and a clear point of view. Instagram: @rmillerphotoeditor email:

Again, interested photographers should sign up for the Photo Portfolio Critique Workshop at Photoworks, choosing the Master Photographer they'd like to review their own portfolio -- the workshop costs $100 and the sign up is at Glen Echo Park's website --

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Keating, Director of Photoworks, at

September Meeting - Tom Fretz

Have you been considering a photography trip, but aren't sure how to choose one to fit your needs? Tom Fretz has taken many such trips. At the September meeting, he will discuss why we take photo trips, and what to consider in making your decision. He'll include information about what to expect, and give an overview of some of his many trips. Tom will finish with a critique of two of his recent photo trips, discussing who lead the trips and why the leaders made a difference, along with a few photos of the tour. You can see Tom's work at his website:

August Meeting

Infrared Photography and the Solar Eclipse, Peter Foiles

I will start my presentation with a quick discussion on how to safely view and photograph the August 21st solar eclipse. The bulk of the presentation will be on infrared photography. I will touch on infrared film but most of the talk will be on digital infrared photography, in particular using cameras that have had their IR filters removed. What wavelength to use, lens hotspots, how to process IR files and more will be covered. I will have a small collection of infrared converted cameras available some of which I could be convinced to part with if anyone is interested.

May Meeting - Jennifer Finley, 5/10/17

You are invited to join Jennifer Finley, custom framer and owner of the ArtistAngle Gallery on Wednesday evening May 10th to learn about framing for photography. Learn about framing your work for competitions and gallery exhibits. Discussion will include presentation options for framing and matting, glass options and of course, how to hang the finished piece!

April Meeting 4/12/17

The April Meeting will be a Crtique by Wendell Poindexter Professor of Art at Frederick Community College. People should bring 3-6 images for review. It doesn’t need to be your best, could be an image you have questions about or need help with. Images should be at least 1200 but preferably 3000 pixels on the long side, jpg format, sRGB color space.

March Meeting - John Nelson

The March meeting will be a blast from the past with John Nelson presenting on traditional photographic processes such as Wet-Plate Collodion. John will have examples of the equipment he uses and a few samples of the results using the wet-plate process. Peter Foiles will have a brief demonstration of how to use your digital camera and macro lens to make digital copies of you old film negatives or slides. And last but not least John Casper will have a quick presentation of color look-up tables, what they are and why you may want to use them.

February Meeting - David Blecman

Photography is all about controlling and capturing the light. To learn how we can do that better, David Blecman will be giving a live demo of food and product photography. David is a noted commercial photographer based in Annapolis MD. Over the years his clients have included Sears, Color Me Beautiful, JCPenney, Bath & Body Works and he has photographed celebrities such as President George W. Bush, Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Buffett, Steely Dan and the Moody Blues.

January Meeting-Tanya Houppermans Underwater Photography

I began scuba diving in early 2009, and immediately fell in love with the underwater world. I am a passionate shark conservationist, and especially enjoy diving with and photographing sharks. I have had the honor of diving with tiger sharks, hammerheads, sand tigers, makos, blue sharks, sandbar sharks, whitetip reef sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks, whale sharks, and nurse sharks. I encourage anyone who has not had the privilege of viewing them in the wild to do so. It will change your life; I know it did mine. Sharks are not the vicious bloodthristy man eaters so often portrayed in the media. People kill over 70 million sharks a year, whether to use their fins in shark fin soup, or as bycatch in unsustainable fishing practices. Sharks are apex predators, and the ocean needs them to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. I hope that my images will show the incredible beauty and grace that sharks possess - they are truly worth our time and energy to help protect.

Tanya will also have some of the equipment she uses for her underwater photography at the meeting so it should be a fascinating presentation

December Meeting Holiday Party

Reminder, we are having our annual holiday party in lieu of our meeting next week. Please RSVP to the punchbowl invite so we can get a final head count.

At the holiday party we will be having the photo swap again this year! If you are interested in participating, bring a wrapped matted photo suitable for framing. This always brings lots of fun and laughter and legal theft!

Again this year, we are having a special presentation brought to us by YOU! Our presentation this year will be a series set to music of your 5 Best Shots of the Year. If you are interested in participating in the show, go through your pictures from 2016 and pick your top 5. Send them to Peter Foiles: (1200 pixels on the long side is sufficient). Please include your name in a watermark on the photo so everyone knows who took the photo. The presentation will play during our holiday party as a homage to all our talented members! All entries MUST be sent to Peter by 12/11/16.

November Meeting - Steve Ferendo

Steve Ferendo was born and raised in north central West Virginia. While enlisted in the Army, he "discovered" photography, and through a program for Vietnam veterans ("Project Transition"), Steve was able to intern as a photographer for the European Stars and Stripes, in the Augsburg bureau.

After his discharge, Steve was hired as an "entry level" General Photographer at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland. This began his civilian federal career that took him to bio-medical photography positions at many agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), and finally, back to USAMRIID at Fort Detrick.

After 40 years of federal service, Steve retired in 2008 as the Visual Information Manager for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) and USAMRIID.

Since his retirement from federal service, Steve has embraced his passion for nature and wildlife photography. Due to a leg injury that has hampered his mobility, 95% or more of his photographs are taken from his vehicle. Steve can be found most mornings slowly cruising along our county’s gravel roads and battlefields, in search of wildlife.

Steve writes a blog to chronicle his photographs and his adventures. You can see his work – and his passion – at

Members Show

The Delaplaine provides the West Gallery for our members show every December. The only size restriction for items is to keep the framed work no longer than 24 inches on the long side. Metal prints and Gallery wrap are welcome as well. But all prints must have a wire hanging system on the back. We will need about 50 framed prints to properly fill the gallery. To make sure we have enough work to fill the gallery please send me ( the titles of up to 4 prints and specify the order of preference. I think we can guarantee that every member can have at least one print in the show and maybe as many as four.

We will start collecting prints for the show at the November 9 meeting and also 11am-1pm Sat. Nov. 12 and at the show hanging Wednesday evening November 30. We welcome all the help we can get in hanging the show on the 30th so please try and stop by and lend a hand.

October Meeting - Twenty Things Most Photographers Get Wrong.

A few months ago award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup put a You Tube video entitled Twenty Things Most Photographers Get Wrong. We don’t want to get anything wrong so we will review Tony’s list and see if we can learn something. Here is a sample of the first ten things: #1: - Your lens’ SWEET SPOT probably isn’t f/8; #2: - FOCUS BREATHING might make your lens short; #3: - The RECIPROCAL RULE isn’t a rule at all; #4: - Buying a camera without checking the lenses; #5: - Using INFINITY FOCUS to get everything in focus; #6: - DEPTH-OF-FIELD isn’t real at all; #7: - 4K is great even if your screen isn’t; #8: - Printing at 300 DPI doesn’t mean perfect sharpness; #9: - F/STOPs don’t tell you the exposure, T-STOPS do; #10: - FULL FRAME LENSES on CROP BODIES are less sharp and ten more.

September Meeting - Entering Juried Shows and Competitions: Cam Miller

Showing your photos to family and friends is one thing; having them accepted for showing in a gallery or an exhibit is another level you may be ready for. How do you find photography contests and opportunities to exhibit? Once you find one to enter, you probably need to submit your entries digitally, with requirements such as, "Images must be JPGs, sized at 1600 px on the long side, 300 ppi, and sRGB color space." Would you know what to do? In this talk, you will learn how to find calls for entry, prepare your images to fit the requirements, and increase your chances of being selected for a show. Soon you’ll be delivering your work to galleries, seeing increased sales and, hopefully, winning awards!

July Meeting - Patty Hankins: Fine Art Floral Photography

Patty, of, is a Bethesda based fine art floral photographer. She finds peace and beauty in the natural world. Whether she is photographing a bed of tulips at a local botanical garden or a wildflower in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she seeks to capture the simple beauty of a flower to share with you.

Patty also photographs flowers in her studio, something she didn’t think she would ever do. She finds that photographing flowers in the studio allows her to capture details in the flowers that she was never able to share before.

After getting a Master’s Degrees in Public Policy and History and working for several years as a grassroots activist, in 2002, Patty acquired a new digital camera and rediscovered her love of photography. For Patty, the flexibility and freedom of digital photography means she can finally create the photographs she has always envisioned.

June Meeting- A Unique take on Abstract Photography by Mary Louise Ravese

Photographer Mary Louise Ravese has fine art photography in private, university and corporate collections in over 40 states and is exhibited nationally through art shows, galleries and shops. Her images have been used in calendars, magazines, books and websites including various projects with National Geographic Maps.

For over 20 years, Mary Louise has specialized in outdoor color photography from locations across the U.S., Europe and Japan. Her favorite subject matter includes country landscapes, nature close-ups, interesting architectural details and wildlife. She draws inspiration from a variety of visual arts to produce photographs often described as “painterly”.

Her photographs are about intriguing juxtapositions of vibrant colors, distinctive shapes, and unique textures. Through her photography Mary Louise aims to capture the essence of the natural world in color, form and spirit. She enjoys capturing fleeting moments of beauty or drama that might otherwise be lost. Her ambition is to incorporate the beauty of painting in the clarity of photography.

Her photographs are created using both film and digital equipment. In the digital world where software programs offer vast possibilities for altering reality, Mary Louise’s philosophy regarding her own work is that it is important to stay true to nature. She does not digitally manipulate her photographs to generate unrealistic images and instead takes the time and care to produce the best "in camera" images possible.

May Field Trip - East Broad Top Railroad

When: Saturday, May 14,

10am - ~ 1pm or so

Where: 421 Meadow Street, Rock Hill, PA (beautiful drive over!)

Cost: The total cost for this field trip is $200 for 20 people, so the cost will be dependent on the number of participants.

Please RSVP to Erin at to reserve your spot.
We will arrange a carpool as we approach the date.

May Meeting: Frame Sale and Artomatic

We are going to ask everyone to step out of their comfort zone this month. To start the meeting we will have a frame sale. The Clique is the proud owner of about 70 16x20 black wood frames that we have used for past shows. Most will have wire hangers on the back but none will have any glass, just the frame. They are $5 each with an initial limit of 10 per person for May. First come first serve. Next, if there is interest we would like to have a 20 minute Q&A session on any photography questions you may have, for example how do I make a B&W image using Lightroom. The highlight of the evening will be a visit to Artomatic. If you are interested in photography you are interested in art and Artomatic is the premier art event I Frederick and only happens every couple of years. Artomatic is on Church street just a couple of blocks from the Delaplaine so we can all walk up and take in the show. Feel free to bring a camera and take some shots and we can view them at the June show and tell.

Field Trip Surreybrooke - April 30th

We will be having a field trip next Saturday, April 30th, to Surreybrooke in Middletown. Break out your macro lens, tripod and kneepads, let's celebrate Spring!

We will be meeting there at 9am, which is when Surreybrooke opens, to photograph for a couple of hours. This field trip is free!

They have asked that we park in the grass area to the left of the parking lot.

When you're done photographing, feel free to browse around and shop.

Please email me at so I can have a general idea of how many people we are expecting. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Surreybrooke’s Entrance is located directly on US-40 (Baltimore National Pike). Absolutely NO PARKING is permitted on Hollow Road. All attendees of Special Events must park in the grass parking lot. The gravel lot is reserved for dropping off & picking up, handicap parking and garden center customers only. Thank you for your cooperation

Frederick Area: Follow US-40 W toward Gambrill State Park. We are located 5 miles west of Boscov’s Department Store on US-40. Surreybrooke is located on US-40 on the left.
(If you reach Pacific Dr. or Hawbottom Rd. you have gone about ¼ mile too far).

Horizon Photography Summit

Twelve leading professional photographers will lecture at the Fifth Annual Horizon Photography [Summit] on the weekend of March 5 & 6. The event will include classes on: Travel, Landscapes, Photoshop, Lighting, Nighttime and Underwater Photography, Black & White, Creating Photo Books, Creativity and more. The Summit will be held at the University of Delaware (Arsht Hall, Wilmington campus), concurrent with the 83rd Annual Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography. On Friday, March 4—the day preceding the weekend Summit—workshops in Creativity (with renowned photographer Tony Sweet) and Photoshop Elements and Lightroom will be held in nearby Chesapeake City, MD.

The Summit is produced by Horizon Photography Workshops. Said Horizon Director Steve Gottlieb: “We’re excited about bringing together in one place such an exceptional caliber of instructors. Holding this event alongside the exciting Wilmington International makes it even more special for those who love photography.”

Location: Arsht Hall, U. of Delaware, 2700 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington Dates: March 4, 5, 6 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Admission:.$230 (Sat & Sun); $130 (one day).