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A Wildlife Duo

Baltimore Camera Club
Spring Seminar Presents:
A Wildlife Duo
Charles Glatzer, Canon Explorer
of Light Shoot the Light: The
Comprehensive Wildlife Photographer

Chas Glatzer’s success has been characterized
by his ability to see and understand
light and how it relates to a subject.
Join Chas as he shares the process for making
consistently successful images in the
field. Chas will cover in depth his Pro-Active
in-field work methodology that will change
the way you approach photography

Ellen Anon,
Popular author, speaker, and instructor
Visual Intensity in Camera and in the
Digital Darkroom: Get the Wow Factor
Have you ever looked at your images and thought
they were good, but somehow just not quite as
magical as you hoped? And then when you went
to work on them in your digital darkroom you
weren’t quite sure what adjustments to try to make
them pop?

Ellen will show you how to apply the concepts of
Visual Intensity to understand what to do in the
field and then how to optimize
your image.

March 19, 2016, 8:30 AM
Kelley Hall, Goucher College,
Towson, MD

Tickets available at:
$85 until March 1,
$95 afterward

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