March Meeting: A Critique by Patricia Stockman

The March 13 meeting will be a critique of member photos by local fine art photographer and instructor Patricia Stockman.

In the past, members have brought photos to the meeting, and we never were sure how many we would get. One meeting we had less than 20; last year we had more than 50.

This year, we are changing things up a bit. Each member may submit up to three photos for Patricia to review in advance of the meeting. The images should be sent as digital files to me, and I will place them on a website in a secure folder. Patricia will have access to the folder so that she can review the images, prepare some remarks, and be ready with comments for the meeting.

Critiques are not a competition. They are a learning experience. Patricia may suggest ways to improve the composition. She will study the exposure and focus. She may suggest a new crop or turning the image to black and white. You may want to submit images that you are just not sure about. Sometimes you feel that "something is there," but are not sure how to make your intention for taking the photo clear. Others may submit work that is new to them: compositing images, black and white, infrared, portraits of people, etc. Still others may be considering entering their images in a photo competition and want feedback on how to make them the best they can be.

During the meeting, all images will be displayed one by one on the projector, as Patricia comments on them for all to hear. Even if you do not submit any images yourself, you can learn a lot by her comments on work she sees from others. However, I hope you do...

Please send me up to three images before March 10, no larger than 5 mb each. If you want to prep the images at 2000 pixels on the long edge, 72dpi, and sRGB colorspace, jpg format, that's great. If you have no idea what all that means, just send me three images no larger than 5 mb each, and I will take care of the rest. There will be no need to bring the digital images to the meeting, too.

If you would prefer to bring prints to the meeting instead of submitting digital files, please email me with that information. Patricia can do a review of prints at the end of the meeting, with lights on, for all to see.

Send your digital images as attachments to I will take care of adding them to a secure location for Patricia

About Patricia

Local photographer and instructor Patricia Stockman will offer a critique of member images at the March 13 meeting at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center. Members should have received an email instructing them how and where to send their digital images for review. Check the forum for a review of the information.

Patricia has been a photographer for over 20 years, and currently resides in Frederick, MD. Formal education as a traditional photographer has taken her through B&W film processing and printing; while her work experience has taken her through color film processing & printing, photojournalism, and studio portraiture work. Most recently, Patricia’s teaching career has widened her view of subject matter and digital techniques in her own art.

For the past 12 years, Patricia has been teaching high school Digital Photography and Computer Graphics classes with Frederick County Public Schools. She is also adjunct faculty at Mount St. Mary’s University, teaching Digital Photography.

Involved with the arts community, Patricia is now a member and Vice-President of TAG/The Artists Gallery. She served on the Board for Artomatic@Frederick for all three events, and strives to involve her students in the arts community. Additionally, Patricia shows her photographic works throughout the region and into NYC. Recently, Patricia was honored with receiving “Best in Show” at the 2018 Cumberland Valley Photographers Juried Exhibition, as well as other awards.

Of her own work, Patricia writes, “I combine my traditional background with the technology of Photoshop to create images grounded in the fundamentals of art with a contemporary, surreal twist. I place a strong emphasis on the use of texture, color and the interaction of various subjects in one scene. Elements, such as the division of space, suspended pathways, and the repetition of symbolic objects are recurring themes in my work that suggest the past, present and future within a narrative construct.”