September Meeting - Entering Juried Shows and Competitions: Cam Miller

Showing your photos to family and friends is one thing; having them accepted for showing in a gallery or an exhibit is another level you may be ready for. How do you find photography contests and opportunities to exhibit? Once you find one to enter, you probably need to submit your entries digitally, with requirements such as, "Images must be JPGs, sized at 1600 px on the long side, 300 ppi, and sRGB color space." Would you know what to do? In this talk, you will learn how to find calls for entry, prepare your images to fit the requirements, and increase your chances of being selected for a show. Soon you’ll be delivering your work to galleries, seeing increased sales and, hopefully, winning awards!

July Meeting - Patty Hankins: Fine Art Floral Photography

Patty, of, is a Bethesda based fine art floral photographer. She finds peace and beauty in the natural world. Whether she is photographing a bed of tulips at a local botanical garden or a wildflower in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she seeks to capture the simple beauty of a flower to share with you.

Patty also photographs flowers in her studio, something she didn’t think she would ever do. She finds that photographing flowers in the studio allows her to capture details in the flowers that she was never able to share before.

After getting a Master’s Degrees in Public Policy and History and working for several years as a grassroots activist, in 2002, Patty acquired a new digital camera and rediscovered her love of photography. For Patty, the flexibility and freedom of digital photography means she can finally create the photographs she has always envisioned.

June Meeting- A Unique take on Abstract Photography by Mary Louise Ravese

Photographer Mary Louise Ravese has fine art photography in private, university and corporate collections in over 40 states and is exhibited nationally through art shows, galleries and shops. Her images have been used in calendars, magazines, books and websites including various projects with National Geographic Maps.

For over 20 years, Mary Louise has specialized in outdoor color photography from locations across the U.S., Europe and Japan. Her favorite subject matter includes country landscapes, nature close-ups, interesting architectural details and wildlife. She draws inspiration from a variety of visual arts to produce photographs often described as “painterly”.

Her photographs are about intriguing juxtapositions of vibrant colors, distinctive shapes, and unique textures. Through her photography Mary Louise aims to capture the essence of the natural world in color, form and spirit. She enjoys capturing fleeting moments of beauty or drama that might otherwise be lost. Her ambition is to incorporate the beauty of painting in the clarity of photography.

Her photographs are created using both film and digital equipment. In the digital world where software programs offer vast possibilities for altering reality, Mary Louise’s philosophy regarding her own work is that it is important to stay true to nature. She does not digitally manipulate her photographs to generate unrealistic images and instead takes the time and care to produce the best "in camera" images possible.

May Field Trip - East Broad Top Railroad

When: Saturday, May 14,

10am - ~ 1pm or so

Where: 421 Meadow Street, Rock Hill, PA (beautiful drive over!)

Cost: The total cost for this field trip is $200 for 20 people, so the cost will be dependent on the number of participants.

Please RSVP to Erin at to reserve your spot.
We will arrange a carpool as we approach the date.

May Meeting: Frame Sale and Artomatic

We are going to ask everyone to step out of their comfort zone this month. To start the meeting we will have a frame sale. The Clique is the proud owner of about 70 16x20 black wood frames that we have used for past shows. Most will have wire hangers on the back but none will have any glass, just the frame. They are $5 each with an initial limit of 10 per person for May. First come first serve. Next, if there is interest we would like to have a 20 minute Q&A session on any photography questions you may have, for example how do I make a B&W image using Lightroom. The highlight of the evening will be a visit to Artomatic. If you are interested in photography you are interested in art and Artomatic is the premier art event I Frederick and only happens every couple of years. Artomatic is on Church street just a couple of blocks from the Delaplaine so we can all walk up and take in the show. Feel free to bring a camera and take some shots and we can view them at the June show and tell.

Field Trip Surreybrooke - April 30th

We will be having a field trip next Saturday, April 30th, to Surreybrooke in Middletown. Break out your macro lens, tripod and kneepads, let's celebrate Spring!

We will be meeting there at 9am, which is when Surreybrooke opens, to photograph for a couple of hours. This field trip is free!

They have asked that we park in the grass area to the left of the parking lot.

When you're done photographing, feel free to browse around and shop.

Please email me at so I can have a general idea of how many people we are expecting. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Surreybrooke’s Entrance is located directly on US-40 (Baltimore National Pike). Absolutely NO PARKING is permitted on Hollow Road. All attendees of Special Events must park in the grass parking lot. The gravel lot is reserved for dropping off & picking up, handicap parking and garden center customers only. Thank you for your cooperation

Frederick Area: Follow US-40 W toward Gambrill State Park. We are located 5 miles west of Boscov’s Department Store on US-40. Surreybrooke is located on US-40 on the left.
(If you reach Pacific Dr. or Hawbottom Rd. you have gone about ¼ mile too far).

Baltimore Camera Club Spring Seminar Presents: A Wildlife Duo

Charles Glatzer, Canon Explorer of Light Shoot the Light: The Comprehensive Wildlife Photographer

Chas Glatzer’s success has been characterized by his ability to see and understand light and how it relates to a subject. Join Chas as he shares the process for making consistently successful images in the field. Chas will cover in depth his Pro- Active in-field work methodology that will change the way you approach photography

Ellen Anon, Popular author, speaker, and instructor Visual Intensity in Camera and in the Digital Darkroom:

Get the Wow Factor Have you ever looked at your images and thought they were good, but somehow just not quite as magical as you hoped? And then when you went to work on them in your digital darkroom you weren’t quite sure what adjustments to try to make them pop? Ellen will show you how to apply the concepts of Visual Intensity to understand what to do in the field and then how to optimize your image.

March 19, 2016, 8:30 AM

Kelley Hall, Goucher College, Towson, MD

Tickets available at:

$85 until March 1, $95 afterward

March Meeting - Photo Swap/Sale

As photographers we all collect various photo related items that need to be cleaned out from time to time. To that end, for the March meeting, we will be holding a Spring Cleaning Photo gear swap/sale event. So go through your closets and bring any bags, monopods, filters etc that you looking to part with and bring them to the meeting. These would be items that you willing to swap, sell at a modest price or give away. But don’t stop there if there is equipment you are no longer using or looking to upgrade fel free to bring it along and offer for sale. We are looking to advertise this event to other groups in the area to maximize the potential market. We already have two individuals who will be bringing collections of equipment for give away and for sale. Feel free to pass the information on to anyone you know who may be interested. More details to follow.

February Meeting - Burke Seim, Service Photo Supply Inc.

For over 50 years, Service Photo has been serving the photographic needs of the Baltimore and greater Maryland area. Burke will be speaking to us about how the photographic business has changed over the years and providing insights into the business of photography that all of us deal with but probably do not understand as well as we should. Gray market vs. US warranty, buy local or online, how do I get my camera repaired, how do I clean my sensor, where is the market going. All of this and more will be covered. The presentation works best as an interactive session so bring lots of questions.

January Meeting - Don Rosenberger - Abstracts

About Don:

I first picked up a camera in my teenage years, shooting mostly black and white film and doing my own darkroom work. My interests shifted to color film in my early twenties, then I did the unexpected, I quit photography. There were a variety of reasons for this decision, but when I look back I think I was lacking a certain maturity that was necessary to move forward in regard to the quality of my work. With the advent of Digital Photography I started shooting again with a passion that had been missing in earlier years. Today I am drawn to a variety of work, but I consider landscape photography to be the core of my interests. Being outside and often in remote locations gives me an appreciation for our natural world. It is my hope that my images bring others to that same level of appreciation.

Today I consider myself a professional amateur. The amateur aspect allows me to pursue photography with a passion that many with a 9 to 5 job lack and the professional aspect constantly pushes me to improve my craft. Even when shooting familiar subjects, I try to capture them in new and unique ways. I constantly feel a motivation to strive for that next level, regardless of how elusive that goal may be. I hope to be able to share that passion and drive with our clients at Road Runner Photography Tours.

While I consider camera gear to be important, it is only a tool that you use to achieve an end. In the field I might be shooting next to you with only an iPhone, but that might be the tool I choose to achieve my creative vision. As David DuChemin said “gear is good, vision is better”. I might make suggestions for equipment that will help you achieve a specific effect, but I do not believe that expensive cameras are necessary for quality work.

November Meeting - Denise Silva

Creative Long Exposures

In this presentation Denise will show examples of the various types of long exposure techniques. She will discuss the best conditions to take advantage of long exposures. She will also show what gear you will need and will explore why you might want to give this very creative form of expression a try!!

December Holiday Party

In lieu of a meeting, we will be having our annual holiday gathering. Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert. We will also be doing the photo swap again this year! If you are interested in participating, bring a wrapped matted photo suitable for framing. This always brings lots of fun and laughter and legal theft! So please join us and bring your spouse or partner for the evening.

Again this year, we are having a special presentation brought to us by YOU! Our presentation this year will be a series set to music of your 5 Best Shots of the Year. If you are interested in participating in the show, go through your pictures from 2014 and pick your top 5. Send them to Peter Foiles: (1024 pixels on the long side is sufficient). Please include your name in a watermark on the photo so everyone knows who took the photo. The presentation will play during our holiday party as a homage to all our talented members! All entries MUST be sent to Peter by 12/2/15.

Clique Winter Show - December 2015

Please bring your framed, ready to hang, entries for the Members Show to the November meeting. All images MUST be framed with a hanging wire in the back, no exceptions. One of the best benefits of belonging to the Camera Clique is the Annual Members Show. We would like to invite all our members to participate. It is a nonjuried show, meaning you decide what to display and, as an added benefit, you can offer your prints for sale (the Delaplaine will collect a percentage of all sales as a commission. Who: All clique members whose dues are paid as of November 12, 2015

What: Submit up to TWO ready to hang (wire on back) prints. Please no entries larger than 16 x 24 outside measurement. Smaller is fine. If you havemultiple pictures in one frame, that counts as 1. Style and color of frames and mattes is up to you, but white black and grey make the hanging easier and are gallery/museum standards.

On the back of each framed print, place a label. On each label, we need your name, address, phone number, title of photo, price if it’s for sale or “NFS” if it’s not for sale, and a priority number 1 or 2. The number is the first and second to be displayed. It depends on the number of participants, but we will hang as many as we can. All “1’s” will be hung up and “2’s” will depend on number of entries.

Please email Peter Foiles: the titles and price of you prints so he can make the labels ahead of time

Please remember this is a family friendly environment and the we encourage you to keep this in mind when you make your selections. We reserve the right to deny any entry if it is considered to be inappropriate.

Drop off dates at the Delaplaine:

November 11th 6:00-7:00

November 21st 1:00- 3:00

Hanging party November 30th 6:30

October Meeting - Richard Batch

Richard Batch was 15 when he got his first real camera, a Yashica Mat-LM. Having only 12 shots per roll taught him to think before shooting. El Greco led him to learn about zone focusing and relating subject to environment. After receiving his degree from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, he landed a job as the staff photographer for The Northern Virginia Sun. He also shot for Dossier Magazine, two theatres in DC and freelanced.

Wet darkroom printing work became much easier when he ran film/developer/paper calibrations to produce negatives, which allowed the full range of zones to be printed without any additional work. On the digital side, more testing of papers, printers, film scanners and techniques in Photoshop helped him work toward the production of the fine digital B&W print. Photojournalism and portraiture are his passions.

September Speaker - Peter Foiles

Photographing Death Valley, Southern Utah and the Palouse or How Mirrorless Cameras Saved Your Intrepid President’s Life.

Peter Foiles will share images from his recent photo trips to Death Valley, Southern Utah and the Palouse Peter will also provide tips and information on where to stay and what to see so that you can plan your own visits to these beautiful areas. As many of you know, Peter is a proponent of mirrorless camera systems and will have the camera kit he used for these trips and his experiences on how it performed.

August 2015 Speaker

Challenge from Brady Wilks

Brady will return to critique your challenge images.

Bring 2 or 3 examples to the August meeting

Step out of your comfort zone #1

  • Photograph a subject you’ve never tried before.
  • Consider how your photographic style affects your approach of a new subject

Step out of your comfort zone #2

  • Choose an alternative photographic process.
  • Consider how the transformation of your image informs the content and intent of your it just a novelty?

June 2015 Meeting Speaker Vince Lupo

Vince Lupo has a passion for photography and has wanted to be a professional commercial photographer since he was 12 years old. He earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Photography from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Ontario and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Still Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

Vince Lupo specializes in architecture, people, product, and food photography. He’s earned numerous personal and professional photography awards, including two ADDYs.

A combination of technical mastery and creative training has garnered Vince Lupo a reputation as a professional commercial photographer who can capture images that exceed his clients’ visions.